burnt cheese.

Starbucks was making money and growing but its founder Howard Schultz couldn't stand the smell that was taking over his stores: the smell of burnt cheese. 

Breakfast sandwiches were a big hit. Customers loved them. They were making money and drawing in customers. But, according to Schultz, they were ruining the experience that he was looking for, the experience at the heart of Starbucks. They were ruining the smell of coffee beans, the aura of the spaces. 

Very few people agreed with him. He kept fighting. They fought back. He insisted. 

Eventually, Starbucks stopped growing. Lots of reasons were given. Eventually, they started growing again. Lots of reasons. 

But, when was the last time you smelled burnt cheese in a Starbucks? 

What's your burnt cheese? You might be the only one who cares. Everyone might tell you how much they love what you're trying to get rid of and the numbers might support them.

For now. 

Maybe you need to keep insisting.  

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