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american teen.

Some say that one of the problems with the teenage brain is that it's not fully developed which means a lack of processing of long term consequences when related to short term thrills. (Others, just for the sake of argument, say this is what allows teens to explore and risk and learn as teens do and is vital for development.) 

Either way, most agree: short term thrills over long-term consequences. 

If you've ever questioned the metaphorical age of our country, you shouldn't any more. We are the new kids on the block - compared to most other nations that have been around for centuries. To confirm that, It would seem we have a current political leadership that is incapable of anything other than short term thrills: long term consequences be damned. 

Classic teenager. I only hope this exploration, risk, and learning eventually pays off as we age. 


swedish billionaires.

one world religion.