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the power of a million.

Survivor has been going for 17 years. I've watched every season. (Side note: the show was inspired by a Swedish television series because, of course it was.) 

I watch Survivor because of the human experiment. It's amazing what people will do, how they act, how they lie, how they complain about lying, how they treat one another...  it goes on and on. 

But something hit me the other night. Survivor has the power to make people do all kinds of things that they would never do. They balance for hours, starve their bodies, and put up with bugs, sunburns, and whatever the producers want to run them through.. for a shot at a million dollars. 

Which could seem weird but, of course, it's not. We're all doing all the same things every day for our own shot at a million dollars. 

Which makes you think... life has to be more than a really great episode of Survivor right? 

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