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are they?

I just got to speak to about 40 people at a retirement home about evolving Christianity, faith, and spirituality. And millennials. Their grandkids. 

It was a way better time than I thought it would be! They were amazing people, asking all kinds of questions, and stating their disbelief at the younger generation and seeking ways to better understand. I can't wait to go back next week and talk about Hell, angry God, atonement theories, the Bible, and who knows what other fun stuff. 

At the end of our conversations, a person said to me, in reference to Clinton and Trump, "Do you think they are Christians?" 

"Me?" I responded. Everyone laughed. "What do I think?" 


I said, "Well, we could spend a whole other hour talking about what it means to be a 'Christian' and that would be interesting. But, what I see is that if you're a Democrat, you think Clinton is a Christian and Trump isn't. If you're a Republican you think Trump is a Christian and Clinton (and Obama) isn't. So, for starters, it seems we're determining 'Christianity' based on something I find pretty disturbing and we're showing our true colors. And they are pretty embarrassing colors. We should probably start finding some better conversations." 

Nervous laughter and lots of agreement. From both sides. 

I figure if some Baby Boomers in a retirement home can agree to that, we all should. 



please dear god stop.

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