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... doesn't suck.

D.O. started a line of shirts/stickers/etc... with the line  "Spokane Doesn't Suck".  He's a great guy and I love what he's doing.   

It's true. Spokane doesn't suck...

...but if it's pretty bad and if it sure isn't awesome, well, who cares if it doesn't suck? That can't be our goal, right? 

Lots of things don't suck and I see more people thinking that not sucking is the line. 

My job doesn't suck. 
My friends don't suck. 
My art doesn't suck. 
My marriage doesn't suck. 
My life doesn't suck.

My faith doesn't suck. 

If you're shooting for not sucking... join the mediocre of the world. 

Or raise the damn bar. 


it's catchy.