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There is a pretty radical idea in the Bible about causing someone to stumble. 

It can, obviously, mean a lot of things to a lot of people but at its core, it seems to be saying that right/wrong don't exist in the black/white world we think. 

Sometimes, right is dependent on someone else's wrong, which is, actually, very frustrating. 

And so, we'll usually come up with something like don't drink if you're around an alcoholic, or at least be aware of it. Funny enough, most humans are very okay with this. Of course, we don't want to cause someone to stumble in that way. 

(This is very different than not drinking around someone who thinks drinking is wrong, in my opinion.) 

Regardless, I've never heard anyone bring up money and this idea.

What does it look like to stumble with money?
What does it look like to cause someone to stumble who is addicted to money?