Almost every week, I have these thoughts in some order or another… if you do as well, know you’re not alone. 

I think I’m going to quit. 
Someone else can do this job. 
I love this job. 
People are crazy. 
People are awesome. 
Let’s move to another country. 
I can’t believe I get to do this. 

This sermon is going to kick ass. 
Oh man, what am I going to say? 
I have nothing to say. 
This is not a sermon. 
How am I going to come up with that many things to say? 
These are just friends you’re talking to. No pressure. 
I hope everyone is here for this Sunday because it will be the best ever. 

That was the best sermon ever. 
That sermon was terrible. 
Why did I say that? 
I wonder if they heard that?
Did you hear that? 
Should I go and change the recording before it posts? 
Well next week I can be better. 
How can I be better than that?