yep, save the planet.

If the world was an apartment building, I’m afraid there would be some really bad roommates and many of them would be Christians. 

Worse, they would say that God made the apartment building for us to do whatever we want with and we’re moving out in a few years so who cares… 

Worse, they would deny claims of science and responsibility because they are afraid of the cost of a little time, a little effort, a little comfort, and a little - or a lot - of money. 

Throw out all the theories and politics. The God I believe in, loves the Earth, dwells in the Earth, cares for the Earth and expects the human beings living on it and because of it, to feel the same way. 

The Earth does not belong to any of us. It belongs to all of us. When we don’t live to make this home better, we’re giving a giant middle finger to the divine power in it. 

Yes, I will type that again. If you don’t care about making this home better for the humans that live in it, you are giving a giant middle finger to the divine power of it.