love is the hardest thing.

I have heard way too many times, people, especially religious people, speak very derogatory language about love, as though it’s so simple and easy and so much more is required of us. They will talk as though people who just try to love are missing the boat and not wanting to get into the “challenging/difficult/real/deep stuff”. 

People often use this kind of language in trying to be critical of another church (a good sign of not loving in itself). They will say “Yeah they’re just a little too love-y for me.” 

Can we please stop this nonsense? 

There is nothing on this planet harder than loving everyone on it and treating them with patience, kindness, and that whole list of things that you want to be treated with and that is read at weddings to define love. Equally hard is allowing yourself to believe that you are enough, you are worthy, you are just as great without the new clothes, car, partner, book, or whatever else, as you are with it and that God (or the universe or a power greater than you) actually loves you, independent of how cool you are, how great your theology is, or whether or not you have it all figured out. 

Love is the most difficult thing.  

Which is probably why Jesus knew that he didn’t really need to say or do much else. 

And they still killed him. 

Note: Love also gets people killed fairly often, which means powerful people are deathly afraid of it.