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just paradox.

Alright, so none of this really makes sense. Not like that. 

And, I think, that makes perfect sense to me.

This kind of logic - or lack thereof - can drive people crazy... or to freedom. 

To be perfect, you have to stop trying to be perfect. 

To know anything, you have to admit you know nothing. 

From dust we have come and dust we go, and we are the center of the universe.

The most sacred things are the most ordinary because the sacred is most contained in the ordinary.

Only when we doubt can we have faith. 

The questions are more important than the answers.

In dying we live. 

In surrendering everything, we find everything. 

You yourself are not it. And yet, you are it. 

The most powerful thing in all the world is to give up power. 

Of course God can’t make sense either, right? 

And then we have freedom.

the angry god.

human matters.