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they think they're so cool

It was the greatest campus tour ever. In fact, this University campus was rated #1 most beautiful campus in the country (by some ranking). But, I have to admit, it was beautiful. It was beyond beautiful. It felt like a Disneyland University experience - perfectly manicured landscaping, stunning views, great architecture... all of the students were smiling and laughing as though nothing could be better in their life than walking around with a nice backup and going to their stupendous classes. 

One problem... they don't offer the degree program my daughter is looking for. So, it was a no go. 

My wife, daughter, and I were eating in one of the many restaurants after the tour and trying to make ourselves feel better by coming up with negative things to say about the campus.

"It feels fake."
"It's too nice."
And, of course, the greatest of them all. 
"They just think they're so cool." 

Funny how that one always works. "They just think they're so cool..." to which my daughter added, "because they are." It actually didn't work, because we were honest enough to admit they actually are that cool. 

For a moment it made me think about all the times I've said that about someone or something and stop and ask myself why. When you're playing the hierarchy game, the only way to bring someone above you down, is to act as though you aren't playing the game. 

cul de sac*

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