It's one of those words that's been around forever. I've used it in talks, I've had conversations about it, read about it, listened to others talk about it, and the other day - just the other day - it actually infected me (while reading Big Magic from Liz Gilbert)

If we live in a world of scarcity, it affects everything... and basically always brings fear. 

But if the Divine is operating in this universe and the Divine is infinite, than there is no scarcity. There is enough for everyone. There is abundance. 

Which means...

There is no reason to hold so tightly to new ideas as though someone might steal them. 
There is no reason to be jealous of others' success as though you can't have it. 
There is no reason to be afraid of failure - failure is not missing out on a scarce resource.
There is no reason to be threatened by others. (The founder of Pixar always hired people who he thought might take his job. It made him, and the company, better. And why not? There's enough for everyone.)
There is no reason to think what you have is about to be taken by someone else. 
There is no reason not to give abundantly... and convince others it's a world of abundance. (Hoarding does not come from an abundant worldview but a scarce one.)

Abundance vs scarcity. Just think on it. Most negative feelings come from a scarce worldview.  

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