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a song

Yeah, I probably complain more than anyone about the lyrics of the songs we sing at church. But, seriously, most of them are terrible. 

So I recently joined in with our interns who were writing their own lyrics. As with most things in life, after I attempted it, I did learn to appreciate what others do a little more. (Since I tried it, does this give me permission to be critical now?)

I don’t know where to start
I don’t know what to sing
I don’t know if I believe
That anyone is listening

I do know love. 

I don’t know how we got here
I don’t know where we go
I don’t know how to heal
To stop decay to start to grow

I do know love. 

I don’t know why we throw stones
I don’t know why fear reigns
I don’t know why we crave bombs
And measure our worth by our pain

I do know love

I know it’s light
I know it’s bright
I know there is more than what I see
To this beautiful mystery

I do know love is the voice
That tells me
It’s okay. 
I do know love. 
I'm okay.
I do know love. 

It is good.

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