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love casts out fear.

One of my favorite writings is "perfect love casts out fear." 

I've quoted it many times, talked about it many times, and I believe it to be true. I'm not sure I've ever analyzed it and reasoned it out though. Yeah, I believe it, but why? Is it true? How? 

Some thoughts.

Love demands uncertainty by its very nature. If you love something, you have agreed to put up with not knowing how your love/the love will be received and, thus, its affect. If we knew, it wouldn't be love, it would be submission and mastery. That's very different. (And not God, by the way.) 

In perfect love, there is always a risk, because there is always freedom. 

Fear hates freedom. It hates freedom, because freedom demands uncertainty and fear hates uncertainty. Fear demands control of the future, at least as much control as is possible. 

But perfect love casts out fear. 

A perfect acceptance of uncertainty will always remove the desperate attempt to control the future. 

In many ways, this whole game is always about "what will happen next..." Which is amazing to think about. 

The only weapon of darkness is to give us a terrifying view of what will happen next. 
The only weapon of light is to give you a better view of what will happen next and a freedom to just let it.  

At the end of the day that's really it. 

Of course, the spectrum is huge but it applies in all kinds of circumstances. 

Any kind of lust for a human and/or object is an attempt to control what will happen next. It's fear overriding love. It removes risk and vulnerability and replaces it with anonymity and power. 

Any violent response is the same. It's an attempt to control injustice with force and power. 

All "sins" are some form or another of fear overriding love... of certainty overriding freedom, and that, I think, is the true danger. When we live in a spot of certainty, we certainly don't live in a spot of love, and/or God. 



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