Like. Wise. A Story. Part 6.

Wise found himself eating takeout in a hotel room. For security reasons he was not to leave. So he watched some bad television while he waited for a phone call. The phone call. He also studied a picture of his family and wondered how they were and how they would be. 

Saul found himself in a very nice restaurant with an attractive server whom he planned on sleeping with later in the night. He made that very clear as he ordered another bottle of wine. She seemed flattered and he didn't really notice. He did complain about the temperature of the vegetables. 

Billy found himself in a local bar. It was a favorite of his Uncle's. Billy wore a "US ARMY" shirt and he was treated as a celebrity. Many drinks were purchased and consumed by the all white crowd of men, while televisions blared some of the same bad television that Wise watched alone. 

Moses found himself in a local restaurant. Not as nice as the place Saul was, but expensive enough that it put him in a bad mood. Gluttony. His son, Dwayne, had recommended the place and so he had obliged. The conversation was awkward as it alway was but they were both used to that. And by the time Dwayne threw down his plate and stormed out of the restaurant, well, Moses had lasted about 30 seconds longer than the last meal they had shared together. But, as always, once sodomy and fornication and wrath were thrown around, Dwayne left, leaving Moses angry and upset at his son again. Another chance at restoration was over. 

Another was coming. 

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