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Like Wise. A Story. Part 5.

Wise, Billy, Saul, and Moses were all in the same city. 

The city doesn't matter. What matters is why each of the men was there. 

Wise was there to plan a terrorist attack with an American cell. 

Billy was there to visit his Uncle Ray. Uncle Ray is a card-carrying white supremacist. 

Saul was there to celebrate the opening of a new gym and to get on the news to help get the word out about his foundation. 

Moses was there to speak at a local church and to try to renew some kind of relationship with his estranged son by meeting him at a restaurant afterward. 

Wise was there to destroy. 
Billy was there to get away. 
Saul was there to promote. 
Moses was there to restore. 

None of them knew their paths were about to cross. 

Like. Wise. A Story. Part 6.

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